Quotes English Friday

Timi Zajc (SLO, Rank 1)
This was a crazy day today. My Ski-flying debut, my personal best result and the victory. What a great experience. The first place in Sapporo last weekend of course gave me extra motivation. In my opinion today it was the same difficult conditions for everybody. Of course it is very clear, that the long time without good results for our Slovenian team has now ended. This is good, but we all know, that we have to continue to train hard and hope that the good results will keep coming

Dawid Kubacki (POL, Rank 2)
Of course I can be happy today, but I can also always be better, that’s my job, you always have to work to be better every day. Today our jumps were on a quite good level and I am satisfied with my job today on the hill. I will surely go back to my hotel feeling happy today.
I heard that the wind in the first round was not as good as it could’ve been. I wasn’t watching how it was really in my jump in the second round. I just made two good jumps, even in those not so good conditions. I think flying was really good today and didn’t think, that I had trouble in the air with this conditions.
I am just looking at my work, there are still competitions to do, and also some work. I am not comparing the results in order to look at the World Championships. Of course I know, that I am working on them to be good. Our Polish team is really in a good form and we are still on the top. We will just keep doing what we are doing.
Stefan Horngacher it’s a very good coach, you can see that on the hill and in our results. We are working very well with him, and of course the Germans can think about him, but we are doing a good job, so he has many good reasons to work with us.

Markus Eisenbichler (GER, Rank 3):
To be honest, I still haven’t realised it completely because it was quite a turbulent competition. My second jump was okay, but I’m still not yet on the top level that I would like to be. So I thought, I can be content with this. When I then saw the standings, of course I was very happy about this great result.
Oberstdorf seems to be always good for me, I don’t know why, and ski-flying really is my dream. So as I said, it probably will need a bit of time to sink in but I am very very happy.
I think that the wind window was quite good for us in the top three, Timi really made good use of it and so did I. I lost a little bit, but overall I am very happy with my result. I managed to do good jumps, landed safe and didn’t get injured. Now I am looking forward to the next days of flying and will be trying to fine-tune everything to get even better, to get even further, because I think you can do 240 m here.
I have to admit, that a day like today with five flights is not easy and quite hard, I think I will just go to my hotel and lay in bed to realize everything that happened today. I am happy that I was able to do good flights and we will continue tomorrow.