Quotes English Saturday

Ryoyu Kobayashi (1st place/Japan): „It really was a tight victory. When I flew over the green line, I thought I had won the competition. When I then saw the results and realised it was only 0.5 points difference, I understood, it was really tight.

The hill here, I think it’s good. I only managed today to finally get a feeling for ski jumping.

Flying versus jumping, I have to admit it really is hard for the body, especially with the five jumps yesterday. I have to admit my thighs are getting hard. However especially with Skiflying it is better not to think too much.

Markus Eisenbichler (2nd place / Germany): „After the first round that wasn’t too good, I really had to give it all. Jokingly I did call this attack „Sieg oder Sarg - victory or coffin”, obviously not meaning it literally. I had lost some points so I thought I give full attack. I am in good shape and trust myself, with the result in the end was good.

I wasn’t sure if I should land the Telemark and then saw it was really flat so I got a bit worried about my knees. I landed well and have to admit there are extreme powers at this hill. But if you want to go far you have to give it all. And in the end of the day there is no better feeling than using every last metre of the hill.

If I’m tired? Well this morning I was quite tired and I didn’t sleep well. The five jumps yesterday were hard for the body but I did work with my physio in the morning and then driving out here to see this huge hill, I got so happy that I am able to jump here. No matter how bad I would feel, I would want to jump here.“

Stefan Kraft (3rd place/Austria): „I think it went really well yesterday in my first jump, the second was a little difficult. All in all it was a very close competition, and many good competitors. So I wasn’t unhappy with 6th place.

It is indeed a very tight competition here this weekend, a small mistake and make a big difference. So I am very happy to be consistently at the front.

Well at the beginning of the season I think I had only little self confidence. Then I started thinking too much. I hoped to improve every weekend and that’s what I worked on and now I just continue to do that and work hard every weekend.

I felt that small beer yesterday more than usually, so I guess the five jumps from yesterday were a bit hard. Putting the joke aside, we are celebrating a birthday today, is it a small beer for the electrolytes should be possible. Honestly, the five jumps yesterday where a bit hard, the three today should be okay. I have to give Kobayashi credits. Really well done today! He just showed again that he is sensational and truly the man of the year, he definitely deserves the victory.“