Ski Flying World Cup

Quotes Men Flying Hill Individual, 25.02.2024

Stefan Kraft (AUT, 1st Rank): "I’m happy about the success this year, I have always been in good form, I’m really glad that I could perform on a great level here again. I didn’t have the best training jumps in the beginning of the season but I was able to improve from competition to competition and also increase my self-confidence. I’m feeling really great today after this competition. After it went so well yesterday, I was a bit calmer today. I knew I could do better today than yesterday and it worked out perfectly today. It was a great weekend for me here."

Peter Prevc (SLO, 2nd Rank): "Absolutely amazing yesterday were my first individual podiums in Skiflying here in Oberstdorf. To be able to repeat it today again is amazing. I almost achieved the victory. My wife and my brother are here to celebrate with me, which is great. I will do my best to continue like this."

Quotes after Men Flying Hill Individual, 24.02.2024

Timi Zajc (SLO, 1st Rank): "I'm really happy. After the world championships at Kulm I was a little bit disappointed. But Bronze Medal is Bronze Medal. Today I did a really good job. And I’m really happy that I can fly very far, that´s great. To lower the gate is really good for me, after coach request when I see it on the top. I think, my take-off is a little bit stronger then; I think I need this for my confidence."

Stefan Kraft (AUT 3rd Rank): "I’m really happy today. It was a tough day yesterday with my training start, but today I got a lot of self-esteem back, it makes a lot of fun. I had really stable, good three flights. The Slovenians were really good and I had no chance today, but I’m happy with this podium. For tomorrow, I got more self-esteem now, I know what to do. My plan worked really well today. I can be a little bit more relaxed tomorrow. Maybe that’s enough to beat the Slovenians."

Andreas Wellinger (GER, 6th Rank): "I'm happy with sixth place. All three jumps were definitely the right step. It's better than yesterday, especially the last round. If I do more of them, everything will be a bit easier for me. I'll build on that tomorrow. The last jump was the best from the take-off, I have to do it like that more often, then I can go another five metres further. The level here is very high, you have to be absolutely top to make it onto the podium. There are a lot of people who are damn good at ski jumping, so you can't afford to make any mistakes, because especially on such a big hill, one mistake is ten metres. And ten metres is ten places."

Stefan Horngacher (Coach GER): "Karl wasn't good today. He was just way too early today and then it doesn't work, especially as the conditions weren't good at that stage and a lot of the jumps were short. I hope we can get him right by tomorrow. I'm very happy with Hille. Yesterday he was still struggling a bit. Today he got a lot better, especially in terms of his flying, he got a better idea of what he had to do and first went over 200 and then stopped at 220, so we can keep going. It's very close at the top. It's very cool for the spectators to watch. Andy's last jump was such that he could dock at the front again. Small mistakes make a big difference in ski flying. We're optimistic that he'll be able to improve a bit tomorrow.  If Hille continues like this, Karl is back and Pius can jump even better."

Quotes Men Flying Hill Super Team

Team Slovenia (1st Rank)

Domen Prevc: "Today was a nice competition. We had really steady conditions and I think all of the jumpers could enjoy the flights. For tomorrow, my plan is to stay focused and to do my tasks on the hill and keep my head cool."

Team Norway (2nd Rank)

Kristoffer Eriksen Sundal: "That was my best day of ski flying. I set a new personal best. Johann Andre Forfang also had very, very good jumps today. I was a bit tired after Sapporo, it's a long journey. But you have to deal with that. It was really fun here in Oberstdorf. The inrun is very steep and the radius is quite hard. You have to go all out at the table. On Saturday and Sunday I will try to jump as far as possible. Timi Zajc's (Slovenia) second jump was really good."


Team Austria (3rd Rank)

Michael Hayboeck: "Of course, we are happy to be on the podium. It was not so easy today because yesterday we had no jumps, so two training jumps and then directly into a competition without any break and without any possibility to analyse the training jumps. But all in all, I’m satisfied. The first round was good but a little bit too early on the take-off, so it’s a little bit hard to get on a good distance. But the second round was a cool one. So from my side it was a cool competition and gives my a lot of self-confidence for the competitions on the weekend."

Stefan Kraft (AUT): "We both made a very good jump and one that was very cool and one that was just good. That's why we came 3rd, but we're very happy with that. It was very close today and a super competition. There were still a lot of problems in the training jumps. Thank God we tried everything bad in training and the good stuff was saved for the competition. I'm glad how it then went 50 metres further within one jump. That was also very important for my head and my heart. The organisers did an incredible job for these temperatures. The track goes like a fire engine, the hill has a few bumps. But I think we should all be able to ski well enough. A huge praise. For tomorrow, I hope that I can continue where I left off today and I'll be happy if I can jump for the podium."

Team Japan (4th Rank)

Ryoyu Kobayashi: "Firstly, I'm glad that we were able to fly today. I'm actually really tired. It's fun to fly here, it's great. I definitely want to win."

Team Poland (5th Rank)

Piotr Żyła: "It was really nice and we had a lot of fun, especially in the second round. I’m happy. It’s a lot of fun coming here with the big crowd, we are happy about that."

Team Germany (6th Rank)

Andreas Wellinger: "I had a mixed bag today. The first day and a competition straight away, that's a bit different. But nothing worked yesterday. Then we had really good conditions in training, where both jumps were at a pretty good level. In the competition, we both left some ground in the second run and that's why we missed out on a few points for the podium. It was difficult today to find the balance between enough height and speed. I usually have enough height, but not exactly the right glide angle. It's like when the aeroplane pulls upwards at take-off, then it goes upwards, but not quickly forwards. The trick is to do it like you would on landing approach and flatten the wings a little."

Pius Paschke: "I was really pleased because I've had a difficult few weeks, so today was a really important day for me. I had a few cool training flights in the first round, but now here at the Superteam I lost a bit. I'm also happy with the second round. There are some really good flyers here, you could see that when a bit of air comes in then it goes off and really far. Nevertheless, I was more than happy with my second. The day was really important. We didn't really change anything, it was more about the idea of where you want to fly. I worked out some clear ideas with Steff and followed them up, and I'll be doing the same over the next few days. It turned out to be very good."

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