Quotes English Sunday

KAMIL STOCH (1st place/Poland):
„Yes of course this is emotional and my emotions are on the highest level because the conditions were a bit tricky. In my opinion however it was really good for skiflying. There was no disturbance on the inrun and the outrun was also in good condition. Of course we needed to be careful, but everything was okay. I was really happy with my jumps and was really enjoying ski flying today. I am truly satisfied.

Why I like this feel so much, it’s not easy to say. I think the profile is good for me, it’s a bit like an old profile. You need to stay after takeoff, then there is a big hole where you can increase the speed and accelerate and you can just enjoy the flying. Also, the fans are a bit lower than the outrun so you can hear everything and see all the fans, that’s also amazing.

Yes, I did say that already in all the interviews I dedicated to victory and my jumps to her today. So I wish her all the best, everything else I will tell her in private.

Ryoyu has been in a fantastic shape since the beginning of the season, it would not be good, if I would just start to do everything I can to beat him. I will just do my personal best in ski jumping in the next weekends and events and try to be relaxed and just do my best, that’s the proper way. Then we will see how this will go on for me and my team. There are still a lot of nice events to go to and we will just do our best in ski jumping.“

EVGENIV KLIMOV (2nd place, Russia):
„Of course I am very happy today, especially after the results on Friday and Saturday. Even more so I think this is the happiest birthday I have ever had.

Three years ago I made the decision to switch from Nordic combination to ski-jumping. It was a joint decision with the coaches of the Nordic combination and the Russian ski-jumping team coach. The last three years have been really hard work especially because of the differences between the two disciplines. But the results show, we are on the right way. My work was going step-by-step and especially for the ski-flying hills, today I am happy.

The victory in Wisla was great, a good start for the world championship. I am giving my best and work hard to be in best shape for Seefeld.“

DAVID KUBACKI (3rd place/Poland):
„Yesterday I really felt my legs quite a lot after the first hard day and that wasn’t working optimal for me. That’s why I had some problems on the hill. But I always say that one day doesn’t make much of a difference, I just have to keep doing my work and today I am back again on the podium. That’s sport, that happens. I don’t complain about this, because I know, I am on a good level and will just continue my work, trying to be a bit better every time.

Regarding the coach situation,, every time we go out into a competition we are showing also what a strong coach we have. :-)

Our friends are amazing, we love the fact that they travel to all the competitions. It is really great, because almost every place on Earth we have competitions, we have great support from our friends. I really want to thank them, because they are also doing a great job on the hill to create a really good atmosphere at the competitions. Also today, they were singing the proper national anthem, not the one that was being played. It was a similar one, but in the wrong speed, usually it’s much more dynamic. It’s similar I can understand that it can be confusing, but I wanted to make the point maybe in future we have it correctly.

Predazzo was a really good competition for me. I worked really hard and long for this first victory. Of course it made me feel more comfortable on the hills and in the competitions, and also even more motivated for the work that I have to do. It was something special for me, but I am not just looking at this first win, I still have some work to do and I will concentrate on this. The win for me just was the confirmation, that I am on the right way.“